Take the Stress Survey

Stress can manifest in many ways. Take this brief survey to discover the ways stress may be affecting you.

Check any statements that pertain to you.

___ I have trouble going to sleep.

___ I awake in the middle of the night and can’t fall back to sleep.

___ I grind my teeth.

___ I take shallow breaths.

___ I’m frequently dizzy.

___ I have trouble relaxing.

___ I worry about my health.

___ I worry about disasters and worst case scenarios.

___ I am a stress eater.

___ I worry about my finances.

___ I obsess over things.

___ I have experienced panic attacks.

___ My fear of public speaking holds me back at work.

___ I get angry easily.

___ I would like to experience more peace of mind.

Stress and anxiety are treatable conditions. You can learn the techniques to lower your stress and more fully enjoy life!